Africa Android Challenge

posted Dec 28, 2011, 11:18 AM by Fiifi Baidoo

The Africa Android Challenge is an opportunity to discover the best developers and Android experts on the African continent.  The contestants have an opportunity to create innovative applications and produce local "African" content.  In addition, they can submit lectures related to Android on the Android Platform via the Google University Consortium Program.

This whole effort is community driven and is a way to assure the long-term success of African developers invested in the Android application environment.  We also expect that such initiative will lead to the discovery of unexpected, rich, and valuable local content and applications.

Rules of the competition

The competition is a two round process with semi-finals and finals and consists of the 2 following sections:

  • Android Apps
  • Android Courses

In the first round (semi-finals), participants compete by country as defined by the competition organizers. The winners from each section and each country graduate to the final round.

  • Winners of Semi-finals will be selected on February 15 and will receive an Android device.  Subsequently, they will have four more weeks to improve their apps and/or courses.
  • At the end of the four weeks they will resubmit their apps and courses for a final review.
  • The finalist from each section will win the coveted prize (an all-expenses-paid-for trip to G| [Country] event or Google University Consortium event in his region.

More details found here

Android Developer Parties

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Cape Coast


Android warm-up event

posted Apr 5, 2011, 7:17 PM by Jojoo Imbeah

Sign up to attend the event
Come with your computers with Android SDK pre-installed.

Python African Tour

posted Jan 15, 2011, 1:51 PM by Jojoo Imbeah

Contact: PAT(Ghana) Organising Team



Advancing Open Source Technologies for Development

Python African Tour is an exciting African open source technology initiative aimed at
promoting agile programming languages, mainly Python, among Africa's tech communities.
The Tour, which has successfully been executed in Senegal, Nigeria and Morocco is
run by a group of nomadic volunteer Python developers and evangelists, backed by the
generous contributions of various organisations and individuals. With the support of, Ghana
Google Technology User Group (Ghana GTUG), Fedora Linux Foundation, Hutspace, local
developers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and open source fans, the PAT train will make a stop in
Accra Ghana from 18th to 22nd January, 2011. It will be jointly hosted by African University
College of Communications (AUCC) and Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC).

The tour was highly successful in the three countries where it has been held so far, and this
has greatly increased interest in Python as a programming language to be reckoned with. The
overall goal is to boost development in Africa through Python and allied technologies; this will
be achieved by empowering young Ghanaian students, developers and entrepreneurs with
quality skills to tackle local problems. It is also the objective of the Tour to inspire and build
conversations among local developers, creating an ecosystem of cooperation, idea-sharing,
collaboration and creativity.

Python African Tour takes a different approach from other tech-related conferences that
have been held in Ghana due to its focus on hands-on Python training and skills transfer,
an opportunity local developers have been yearning for. The training format adopted is
particularly suited for people who have already started Python programming or at least know
how to program in another language. The agenda is as follows:

Day 1: Introduction to Python
Day 2: Introduction to Python (cont.)
Day 3: Introduction to Web Development with Python (particularly with Django)
Day 4: Python Sprint/Hackathon
Day 5: Python Sprint/Hackathon (cont.)

Such a well-orchestrated training regimen is focused on developing a problem-solving
approach to programming among attendees. The experience and expertise of the

international team of trainers drawn from the PAT, Fedora Linux Project, Ghana GTUG and
Hutspace will guide the participants to come out more quality and useful apps, some of which
would have business potential.

Google, BECATEC, Ageliaco and Python Software Foundation are proud sponsors of the
tour. There are sponsorship opportunites available for workshop sponsorship, hackathon
sponsorship and individual sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring, supporting the
training team or helping out in any way, please send an email to
Contact the PAT team and get your organisation to be part of this exciting initiative.

To participate in the Python African Tour (PAT) Ghana workshop, please fill out the
registration form at the PAT website now.

See you there!


Connect with Python African Tour:




GhanaGTUG Programming Contest -- Winner Announced!

posted Nov 1, 2010, 3:42 PM by Jojoo Imbeah

GhanaGTUG's first programming contest ended 4 days ago! Our judging panel considered the 2 entries we received in the 1-week period of the contest. And they found us a winner!

A live demonstration of the winning entry is hosted at and was submitted by Archzilon Eshun-Davies and Emmanuel Eshun-Davies.

Congratulations to Archzilon and Emmanuel for winning the contest! The leader of the winning team will be sponsored by Google Ghana on a trip to represent GhanaGTUG at a conference in Kenya later this month.

We appreciate the effort of our second team -- Ato Appiah-Kubi and Teresa Lemaire! Certificates of participation and Google swag will be awarded to both contesting teams.

We also thank our judges for their time and energy during the vetting process -- Richard Ngamita, Kwasi Ohene-Adu, Henry Barnor, Paa Kwesi Imbeah.

GhanaGTUG Programming Contest was organised by GhanaGTUG and sponsored by Google Ghana.

GhanaGTUG Programming Contest

posted Oct 21, 2010, 4:25 AM by Jojoo Imbeah

Google Ghana is sponsoring GhanaGTUG’s first Programming Contest.

Grand Prize

  • Fully sponsored trip (food, hotel, plane ticket) to Nairobi for a Google event in November 2010

Consolation Prizes

  • Google swag (stickers, t-shirts, pens, etc.)
  • Certificate of participation

The Challenge

In June this year, Google Ghana organised an event called G-Ghana. Some training sessions were held at which Google AppEngine and Google Maps API  were introduced.

You will be required to use the knowledge you acquired at these events plus knowledge you already have to propose an innovative solution to a Ghanaian problem. The complexity and range of the project depends entirely on you. You may submit a project that you build all by yourself. However, It is recommended that you form a team of at least 2 people to submit a solution.

A must have

The application or tool you build should have these features plus other features limited only by your imagination. Additional features make you a preferred candidate for winning.


Your application should support multiple user access and encourage community participation. In other words, your application should be Web 2.0


Your application should have a simple user interface and be easy to interact with.


You will need to add at least one geolocation feature in your application. Your use of the Google Maps APIs will give you an added advantage.


Contest Rules

By participating in this contest, you agree to be bound by these Contest Rules.
  • Start your project from scratch or fork an existing open source project. If you choose to fork, you will need to state your sources and clearly demonstrate within your documentation how you have improved the existing project.
  • All entries must be hosted on a public repository service and you will need to provide links to your project with clear instructions on how to run your application. Better still, include links to a live demo of your application online.

How to Enter

If your code depends on third-party packages, you must include a complete list of all packages, including exact version information and download URLs. Sorry, we cannot accept entries that require commercial software or other software that is not provided as open source or under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative
  • Entries from outside Ghana are permitted. All entries must include an English-language explanation of the design. Entries must also include source code for the implementation. We strongly encourage you to include all data needed to support your claims, such as sample output from your program. Also, clear instructions and an easy to use demo program that allows experimentation with your application will help.
  • Your entries must also include the names, e-mail addresses, and brief resumes (including postal addresses and telephone numbers) of everyone who contributed to the project.
  • Entries must be submitted in machine-readable format (gzipped tar file) via e-mail to
  • Express your interest to enter here
  • Entries will be accepted through midnight (GMT) October 28 2010.

You may submit multiple entries. Keep copies for your records. GhanaGTUG assumes no responsibility for lost, misdirected, illegible or late entries or for failed computer transmissions or technical failures.

Discussion Group

If you want to discuss ideas and problems related to the programming contest with other participants, feel free to use the GhanaGTUG Google Group:


Winners will be selected by a panel of Google employees. The judges will grade entries using the following criteria:
  • Implementation of all the required features as stated above in addition to extra features added.
  • Scalability and elegance of design (including selection of appropriate algorithms and data structures)
  • Careful attention to usability / user experience.

The judges shall have the sole authority and discretion to select the award recipient(s)

The winning entry will be announced on the GhanaGTUG website by the GhanaGTUG Programming Contest organisers on October 31 2010. Following the announcement, individual winners will be notified by e-mail. Winners have 14 days from notification to claim the prize. Prize may be claimed by return e-mail. Unclaimed prizes will not be awarded.

Contact GhanaGTUG at or post your question to the GhanaGTUG mailing list

Third Event - Google Code Clinic

posted Apr 7, 2010, 6:56 PM by Jojoo Imbeah   [ updated Jun 9, 2010, 2:34 PM ]

Sign up for the event here. It is happening at AITI-KACE on Saturday, June 5 from 9am to 12 noon. Bring your gadgets!

Second Event - Hackathon

posted Mar 31, 2010, 10:42 AM by Jojoo Imbeah   [ updated Apr 16, 2010, 4:14 AM ]

Get ready
  • Set up Google Appengine on your machine --
  • Check out the SMS application code from --
  • Go through the code, and excite yourself :)

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